Hands on staging

What It Includes

We provide hands on staging services during our first visit or after the consultation. We stage the home using existing décor and furnishings, and/or bring in accessories from our inventory. We will do what is best to make your home truly have the model home appeal.


  • Gain access to our extensive inventory of accessories.
  • Our experienced staff will know exactly how to arrange the furnishings already in your home to best capture your home's selling points.
  • We will take "staged" pictures of your home.

Prices Start At Just $225. Request A Quote Below For Approximate Price For Your Home

Occupied staging before & after

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Why Stage A Home?

For Homeowners

The way you live in a home and the way you sell your home are two very different things. The condition of your home is one of its most important selling features. If you want to get the most money for your home in the shortest possible time, you must do all that you can to increase your homes appeal in the eyes of buyers. Staging your home before your property goes on the market is a key ingredient in maximizing your sale price.

For Realtors

Offering Home Staging as part of your service is a proven way to WOW your customers. Not only will we make your clients homes look fantastic and ready to show, we will also send you the after pictures by e-mail for free. Investing in your clients homes with home staging demonstrates your level of commitment to selling their properties and alleviates the need to reduce your commission rate. Taking this action will set you apart from everyone else and show your clients that you will go the extra mile to get their homes SOLD. Whether your listing is vacant or fully furnished, Designed to Sell will make you look GOOD.

For Investors

Homes prepared by Designed To Sell are viewed by Home inspectors and appraisers as well cared for and receive positive evaluations which result in more offers. Designed To Sell will transform your home in as little as a day. Our experience shows that a Staged Home sells quicker and for more money than a home sold as is. (On average, homes we have staged sell within 45 days for 98% of original list price) Designed To Sell will alleviate the stress of getting your house ready to be put on the market. We will give your home the "Model Home" look.